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I Am Worth It! How to Set Your Price and Other Tips for Freelancers
by Jonathan Hine

cover-worth itWritten to help you figure out your “break-even” point, so you can turn your product or service from a money-losing hobby into a money-making business.


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Are You Bilingual? Enjoy Making It Pay! by Jonathan Hine

cover-enjoy itHave you ever wondered what to do with your second language or if it is worth it to learn one? Whether just starting high school, entering the job market or changing careers, this book is for you.


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Beyond the Age of Oil: the Myths, Realities and Future of Fossil Fuels

by Leonardo Maugeri, translated by Jonathan Hine

Cover image (B-N)In this eagerly awaited sequel to his prize-winning bestseller, The Age of Oil, Leonardo Maugeri, the strategy director of one of the world's biggest energy companies, puts forward a hardheaded, concrete plan in simple everyday language for how to shift the world economy's primary energy dependence from fossil fuels to renewable energies by 2035.

Dr. Maugeri covers the different issues so completely and clearly that when you finish the book, you can even disagree with his plan, and know why you do. Priceless for understanding the real issues.

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